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Thursday, January 05, 2012
I failed R/S but Friendships I have the most

Hiya , dearies!

Why do we have to think soo much, when we know there's no endless answer.
Cause, we can't live up to everyone's expectation?

Is this a good answer?

I doubt so.
When you used to it, maybe it's a habit.
When you not used to it, it's a pain in your ass.

Who doesn't want, someone there for you when you're falling.
it's always that the case uhhhh.

I always had this problem.
what?!! SAY!

my problem is "YOU all don't treat me too good."
I always have wrong feeling.

But i have a truckloads of great friends surrounding me. 
&& not everyone have this.

Trust me!
Cause friendship don't come easy and hard to build.
However, i failed in relationship but i gained tons of friendships. 


4:53 AM

Wednesday, January 04, 2012
my resolutions for 2012

I have decide to continue and further my studies.

I don't think is a rush decision.
I have waited for 2 years srsly. 

&&& I have enjoyed working for almost 2 years.
I met a lot of interesting colleagues and who are whole-hearted friends as well.

I can't afford anymore luxury life cause going no more income soon.

Get marry and my man give me allowance worz..

5:17 AM

Tuesday, January 03, 2012
my first post in 2012!

My first post in 2012.

I know it's not a sign to post such thing but I still want to say it out.
Last night was my first off-day of the year.

went sheesha followed by shanghai dolly.

Fuking emooooo uh.
Drink Drank Drunk!
& Dancing on the dance floor like no one business.
Sometimes, Dancing is my remedy.
Crying is hurting my body immune system.

I choose not to cry. I'm strong enough to handle this.
found myself sleeping on the sofa after Wesley send me home.
How I wish, I have someone who can carry me home.

But I know it's wont happen in reality.

I dreamt I die.
If one day I die, will you all attend my funeral?

Anyway, I have a list of things to-do in January.
First is my Basic Theory of Driving.
I gotta go e-learning and read up the booklet.
I have no time lately.
CNY is coming soon.
Spring-cleaning to do.

Shopping for Chinese New Year 2012 too.
I have no time for myself to procrastinate.

I just don't feel comfortable all over lately.
Heartbeat faster, breathless, menses irregular, hands trembling and sweating sooo badly.
I need to arrange one day to do a full body checkup.

4:16 AM

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hello guys!

Tonight, i'm going to work midnight shift again.
I'm boreddddddd ~
Tonight, I'm sure I'll be SHAGGGG!
At home, listening to musics & watching my movies, surfing net.

Waiting friend to meet me later to buy my earpiece.
A-Jays 2/3! <3
I couldn't live without a day without my earpiece/headphone. Srsly.
I'm in a world of my own.

10:26 PM

Sunday, December 25, 2011
Sporadic Happiness.

I have been doing years that I had never done before.

I just sounds ridiculous. But I am.
I really love my friends, who really do cares about me.
Let me do some soul-searching that I had not been doing.

Let me refresh abit.

I had alot of agony lately.
I thought I have tried to. Again back to square one.
I shouldn't be soo serious this time.
Once bitten, twice shy already.

I don't blog much because twitter is so much convenient.
Thanks Twitter, cause she had never left me.
Rants, thoughts, happy or sad.

If you are reading my blog, leave me a comment. hahah. ((;
I'm tooo possessive already, prolly.
If i don't own it, I will dismantle it.

Everyone is telling me why am i bottled soo much. SHARE IT!
I don't wish to share and hear nasty comments.
I need console, advice and guidance.
Still no one understand.

When i need a few pairs of listening ears.
That's time i will share & no one could force me to.

I'm not be happy as what you guys see it.
I have a lot of stories behind. Hidden & locked up.

Merry Christmas to my readers. <3

5:37 AM

Sunday, December 11, 2011
hope this won't come true.

`I dreamt of you going to marry her.

I found myself crying on my pillow. omfg.

1:40 PM

Thursday, December 08, 2011

it's just you&me.

I'm precisely under depression. emotionally breakdown freak, thinking all sort of crazy stuffs that you can't imagine.
Everyone, who are pretty close with me is leaving me one by one.
No one is there to hear me rant, i left blog, twitter & some close bffs that i can shared comfortably.

Madly, disappointed with your loved one.
I don't text, don't call, don't say it out doesn't mean i don't care & I don't know whatcha you're doing.
Is it hard to type a message? even hi, morning? goodnight? hard to type?!?
you're giving me every little problem, i had neber encounter before.
One problem arised, we are doing nothing and left in the air.
No one willing to step out to clear it.

I can accept the TRUE FACTS, maybe i'm sillygirl right nowwww.

No one knows how tired i am, struggling through all by myself.
If you reading, BEST.
Because I can't say it out, when i see you.

In this one month, I totally forgot how you looks. I neber meet u just as frequent as she does.
It's not exaggerating. I only know you said how much you wanna meet me and see me.
ACTION PLEASE?! Even an hour, i am satisfied too.
I'm easily contented because i'm simple.
But you always make it complicated.

When i'm sick, are you around me?
When i'm at my lowest point, where'd you go?
When i need you, where were you with?
When i totally fine and you need me, i'm like all-rounder.

You had neber thought of my feeling.
I need to be out of the game. I wanted to. I decided to.
Just that i'm hanging as much as I could.

You also don't even know how much tears i had cried. T_T

12:05 PM


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